Home Warranties for the WIN


Buying a home is a lot like becoming a parent. None of us actually know what we are doing! We just keep faking it until we get it. Most young people today may be able to work their way through any software program, but it’s definitely different when trying to figure out what to do when something doesn’t work in your home! Whether you are buying your first home or selling your starter home it is always good to check out what a home warranty has to offer you!

A home warranty is an insurance policy that protects you when things in your home wear out or break such as large appliances, air conditioner or furnace. You can even add on other items like your pool, spa, or irrigation system. Many of us today have some basic ‘know how’, like how to change light bulbs. We tend to Google how to do something if we have never done it before. There are some things we should definitely leave to the professionals!

Having bought 4 different homes over the last couple of decades, it was new to me that this kind of insurance even existed! Now knowing that it does it gives me a feeling of security in my home when I know I can just pick up the phone and call for a repair to be done to one of my appliances. Just this week my microwave vent fan decided it was done working. This is an easy call to make and you don’t have to search the Internet for someone who works on microwaves. I wouldn’t just replace my microwave it is built in to my house above the stove, so swapping it out would be quite an ordeal! I am glad I know I don’t have to figure all this house stuff out on my own!

The cost for a home warranty is roughly $35 give or take depending on where you live, whether or not you have a service call fee, or if you add additional coverage to the policy. If you aren’t sure about where to find information on a home warranty check out www.reviewhomewarranties.com they review the top home warranty providers and have lots of other helpful information. Knowing who to call for a service issue with your appliances can keep your frustration to a minimum. Along with learning about home warranties, you can also check up on different things you can do around the house to help keep your home’s appliances and system from failing by following my blog at: http://blog.reviewhomewarranties.com